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Swiss Territorial Data Lab (STDL)

The STDL aims to promote collective innovation around the Swiss territory and its digital copy. It mainly explores the possibilities provided by data science to improve official land registering.

A multidisciplinary team composed of cantonal, federal and academic partners is reinforced by engineers specialized in geographical data science to tackle the challenges around the management of territorial data-sets.

The developed STDL platform codes and documentation are published under open licenses to allow partners and Swiss territory management actors to leverage the developed technologies.

Tasks Reporting

This section gives access to the documents pages giving the description of the ongoing and terminated tasks. A page is associated to each task reporting the ongoing and terminated work. Each pages comes with an introduction of the task goals and context.

Ongoing Tasks

The following links provides access to the description of the current state of STDL ongoing tasks:

The tasks are defined in the official STDL road-map.

Partnership and Collaborations

The Partners of the STDL Board

To contact the STDL, please use the following address: